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Bully Pulpit

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Editorial

Bullies are a strange breed.  They preach.  They tell you how religious they are.  They call the person that they bully, a liar.  Amazingly, the quote, unquote truth,  isn’t in them.  They fail to see their own faults.  But they are quick to point out what they perceive to be yours, if you are their target.  I completely understand the frustration of a teenager, who feels isolated from the group.  No matter what answer the bully receives, it is never enough.  If you happen to be, teenager or otherwise, a person who loves communication via the written word, as I do, it can become a verbal war.  Eventually with no end in sight, you reluctantly say to yourself, they can stuff it.  And you move on.  At least for the time being.  However the stalker AKA bully will find you in another place at another time and the war will rage on.  This person, this bully, has a sort of strange fixation on their target.  They want to know everything about their target.  On the other hand, they will tell their target that they don’t tell  the truth.  I have begun to wonder if  these bullies, do not have a psychosis that has a parent-child, teacher-student, master-servant mentality to it.  I am, however,  not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Unlike the bully,  who believes themselves to be.  I will leave the diagnosis to licensed professionals.  I do sometimes however, question the sanity of some in their field of knowledge.  I dealt in a workplace situation with a psychology major, who scared the hell out of me, when she was determined.  I sometimes wonder if she became a bully in her private life.  Perhaps she bullies somewhere now, on the internet.  At any rate, these pop-psychology bullies never fail to preach to their targets.  The target is always wrong, is always bad and should just shut up.  Something this target will never do.


I found this on the internet. Since I encountered one of my personal stalkers last night, I decided to start putting up information to help anyone who has been harassed by an internet bully. I have not always followed such advice. Unfortunately it has caused personal problems for me. I will not go into that here. But suffice it to say, I should never have let one of these mean, spiteful people affect my life or the life of someone I love. That said, it is always a good idea to keep the evidence when you are confronted by these bullies and stalkers. You may need it in a legal or civil action.

Silence Of The Lambs By Forum

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Editorial

There are companies out there who want to silence some of us. Internet companies. They have concerted efforts to silence those of us with differing opinions. These companies run fan forums. For some well known celebrities. Instead of protecting members of the sites from bullies and harassers, they ban from their forums those who do not agree with those bullies and harassers. The harassed and bullied, usually ganged up on by a handful of the bullies internet “friends”. I use the term “friend” lightly as they are usually “friends” in name only. As behind each others back, is quite the competition for attention. They practice one-upmanship on each other on a daily basis. The harassed is harassed daily. Sometimes hourly. Depending of course on the amount of their participation on the forum. The bullied person is not allowed to post what they feel is relevant to the forum. They are continually stalked by this handful of hateful and spiteful people. I have personal knowledge of such people. I have personal knowledge of one such company. I will in the weeks to come, talk more about this. My experience covers more than a couple of years of personal harassment by these “haters”. A term they seem to love to associate with anyone who disagrees with them.

Makes You Stronger

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Editorial

I encountered a bully yesterday. On a famous gossip site on the internet. I have come across this particular bully before. This bully uses many user names and frequents a certain celebrity’s forum. I believe this bully to be female. I will call this bully, she. She does however post under male names as well. This person is a particularly mean and nasty person. When confronted, she starts throwing out the insults. I am labeled “nuts’. “Mentally ill”. I have previously been called a “stupid woman”. This person is thoroughly convinced that they are right about everything they say about me. They are sure that I live in a fantasy land, while this person exists in the only truth. However, from my experience with this internet bully, she  lives not in truth, and is judgmental of all who do not agree with her. It is common practice of the bully, to believe that they are always right. They know everything about the objects of their passion. Or so they think. They will not allow discussion to the contrary. They might actually have to admit that they don’t know the truth, if they allowed discussion.  They turn all of this back on the person that is the object of their hate. I say “hate”, because that is the term a bully will use to describe you, if you fail to agree with them. You become the “bad” person. I however have learned in dealing with this person, and a handful of other particularly nasty, self righteous bullies, that they have no power over me or the truth. They merely harass and harangue, because the truth escapes them on a daily basis. I sometimes feel sorry for people like this. They have families and friends. They have jobs and yet they waste their time, harassing someone they do not know. Someone they will never know. Someone they have very little in common with. Except for the one thing that brought them into proximity of their hated object in the first place. I no longer accept the bullying. Or internet stalking, lying down. In case I ever have to provide information for legal or civil actions. Internet stalking and bullying is illegal in my state. I have been told by relatives and friends to ignore these people. I tried. But when you are daily and sometimes hourly stalked by these people, all reason goes out the window and you put up your  fists and fight. Figuratively of course. I will continue to defend myself when need be. And when I can, I will ignore her. I will ignore them. It all makes me stronger in my conviction to out internet bullies.

That Which Doesn’t Kill You

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Editorial

Bullies come in many shapes and sizes. They are grandmothers, wives, husbands, your neighbor, my neighbor, friends, lovers, adults, teenagers, children. They come from all walks of life. Day care workers, office assistants, state workers, government employees, secretaries, fast food employees, among many others. They are married, divorced, single. They are in relationships. They have families.

My first experiences with being bullied, probably occurred as a child in school. I was fairly shy. A bit introverted. I later came out of my shell. My experiences in school, were not really a problem until high school. My best friend, became the first real bully in my life. She was a sweet girl, or so I thought. The boys mostly liked her. She got along well with most people. We had been best friends for quite some time. We suffered terrible losses in our young lives. We should have been closer, as a result. The result however was the exact opposite. She somehow became my enemy. We both wanted the same job on my high school paper. A boy that she liked, liked me. I didn’t return his affection. But, I did get the job. In a short matter of time, she started to say bad things about me to other students in school. She joined a club that I too, wanted to join. She proceeded to campaign against me quite heavily. She alienated the other girls in the club to such a degree that they would not allow me to join. She looked at me with disdain every time we passed in the hall. I was truly saddened by it all.

The second bully in my life, was my husband. He verbally and physically abused me. It’s a tough thing to handle when you love someone. You are never quite good enough, or so you start to think, in their eyes. You never do anything right. Here you are, a mostly confident and intelligent, grown woman. You have grown up with mother and father intact. Wonderful grandparents. A normal life. And all of a sudden, this man starts to treat you badly. Your world turns upside down. You start to doubt yourself. To wonder what you did to deserve the ill treatment. You are reduced to bruises and tears.

My latest experience with bullies came via the internet. A handful of hateful, spiteful, self-righteous women. Women who had a similar interest. Because I didn’t agree with them, and because of my association with someone they too were interested in, they began a concerted campaign of stalking and bullying via forums, gossip sites, blogs and message boards. They emailed each other with lies about me. A person they did not know personally. A person that they wouldn’t know if they seen me. These women have husbands, children and grandchildren. They go to church on Sunday. They work in different professions. But the one thing that motivates them is hate.

Speaking Out On Internet Bullies

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Editorial

I decided to talk about this subject over a year ago. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would go about it. It’s still in the birth stages. I do however, believe that this is a subject that needs to be approached and talked about. Especially considering how much  bullying goes on over the internet. This kind of activity, by seemingly normal, everyday people, occurs on social sites such as facebook, myspace, chat rooms and fan forums. It has, I believe , become epidemic. Whether the internet bullies want to believe it or not, this harassment causes trouble, creates havoc and eventually stresses and  causes real pain to real lives.  It’s amazing that the families of these bullies and harassers, do not know that their own family members are guilty of such practices. I will use information from the internet itself and of course my own opinions and experiences.  I will moderate all comments.  Welcome if this subject is of interest to you. Don’t hesitate to comment, if you, yourself, have been a victim of such harassment by others.