Speaking Out On Internet Bullies

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Editorial

I decided to talk about this subject over a year ago. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would go about it. It’s still in the birth stages. I do however, believe that this is a subject that needs to be approached and talked about. Especially considering how much  bullying goes on over the internet. This kind of activity, by seemingly normal, everyday people, occurs on social sites such as facebook, myspace, chat rooms and fan forums. It has, I believe , become epidemic. Whether the internet bullies want to believe it or not, this harassment causes trouble, creates havoc and eventually stresses and  causes real pain to real lives.  It’s amazing that the families of these bullies and harassers, do not know that their own family members are guilty of such practices. I will use information from the internet itself and of course my own opinions and experiences.  I will moderate all comments.  Welcome if this subject is of interest to you. Don’t hesitate to comment, if you, yourself, have been a victim of such harassment by others.


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