Makes You Stronger

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Editorial

I encountered a bully yesterday. On a famous gossip site on the internet. I have come across this particular bully before. This bully uses many user names and frequents a certain celebrity’s forum. I believe this bully to be female. I will call this bully, she. She does however post under male names as well. This person is a particularly mean and nasty person. When confronted, she starts throwing out the insults. I am labeled “nuts’. “Mentally ill”. I have previously been called a “stupid woman”. This person is thoroughly convinced that they are right about everything they say about me. They are sure that I live in a fantasy land, while this person exists in the only truth. However, from my experience with this internet bully, she  lives not in truth, and is judgmental of all who do not agree with her. It is common practice of the bully, to believe that they are always right. They know everything about the objects of their passion. Or so they think. They will not allow discussion to the contrary. They might actually have to admit that they don’t know the truth, if they allowed discussion.  They turn all of this back on the person that is the object of their hate. I say “hate”, because that is the term a bully will use to describe you, if you fail to agree with them. You become the “bad” person. I however have learned in dealing with this person, and a handful of other particularly nasty, self righteous bullies, that they have no power over me or the truth. They merely harass and harangue, because the truth escapes them on a daily basis. I sometimes feel sorry for people like this. They have families and friends. They have jobs and yet they waste their time, harassing someone they do not know. Someone they will never know. Someone they have very little in common with. Except for the one thing that brought them into proximity of their hated object in the first place. I no longer accept the bullying. Or internet stalking, lying down. In case I ever have to provide information for legal or civil actions. Internet stalking and bullying is illegal in my state. I have been told by relatives and friends to ignore these people. I tried. But when you are daily and sometimes hourly stalked by these people, all reason goes out the window and you put up your  fists and fight. Figuratively of course. I will continue to defend myself when need be. And when I can, I will ignore her. I will ignore them. It all makes me stronger in my conviction to out internet bullies.


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