Silence Of The Lambs By Forum

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Editorial

There are companies out there who want to silence some of us. Internet companies. They have concerted efforts to silence those of us with differing opinions. These companies run fan forums. For some well known celebrities. Instead of protecting members of the sites from bullies and harassers, they ban from their forums those who do not agree with those bullies and harassers. The harassed and bullied, usually ganged up on by a handful of the bullies internet “friends”. I use the term “friend” lightly as they are usually “friends” in name only. As behind each others back, is quite the competition for attention. They practice one-upmanship on each other on a daily basis. The harassed is harassed daily. Sometimes hourly. Depending of course on the amount of their participation on the forum. The bullied person is not allowed to post what they feel is relevant to the forum. They are continually stalked by this handful of hateful and spiteful people. I have personal knowledge of such people. I have personal knowledge of one such company. I will in the weeks to come, talk more about this. My experience covers more than a couple of years of personal harassment by these “haters”. A term they seem to love to associate with anyone who disagrees with them.


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