Bully Pulpit

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Editorial

Bullies are a strange breed.  They preach.  They tell you how religious they are.  They call the person that they bully, a liar.  Amazingly, the quote, unquote truth,  isn’t in them.  They fail to see their own faults.  But they are quick to point out what they perceive to be yours, if you are their target.  I completely understand the frustration of a teenager, who feels isolated from the group.  No matter what answer the bully receives, it is never enough.  If you happen to be, teenager or otherwise, a person who loves communication via the written word, as I do, it can become a verbal war.  Eventually with no end in sight, you reluctantly say to yourself, they can stuff it.  And you move on.  At least for the time being.  However the stalker AKA bully will find you in another place at another time and the war will rage on.  This person, this bully, has a sort of strange fixation on their target.  They want to know everything about their target.  On the other hand, they will tell their target that they don’t tell  the truth.  I have begun to wonder if  these bullies, do not have a psychosis that has a parent-child, teacher-student, master-servant mentality to it.  I am, however,  not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Unlike the bully,  who believes themselves to be.  I will leave the diagnosis to licensed professionals.  I do sometimes however, question the sanity of some in their field of knowledge.  I dealt in a workplace situation with a psychology major, who scared the hell out of me, when she was determined.  I sometimes wonder if she became a bully in her private life.  Perhaps she bullies somewhere now, on the internet.  At any rate, these pop-psychology bullies never fail to preach to their targets.  The target is always wrong, is always bad and should just shut up.  Something this target will never do.


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