Truth Torn Asunder

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Editorial

Being bullied is not a pleasant experience. On the one hand, someone is nasty and vile to you. And you want nothing whatsoever to do with the creep. But on the other hand, you want to be part of the group. Part of the part that you actually like, that is.  Sometimes though,  because of the bully or bullies, that becomes impossible. You become isolated. You are persona-non-grata.  A person, no longer welcome.  And when you have supported that group or person, or cause, for many years.  In fact, more years then the bully has, by far.  You become torn.  Sometimes torn to the point, you wonder why you were there in the first place.  But, if you are like me, and KNOW why you were there in the first place, it gets you down for a bit and then makes you more determined.  More determined to support that group, person, or cause, than you ever were.  Because knowing the full worth of it, as you always have and now being bullied because of your support, you know you were right to begin with.  Anything worth having or doing, is worth fighting for.  Those are not merely words.  Those are words of truth.  I know the truth and the worth of fighting for who or what I believe in.  And I will never stop fighting.  The fighting will NOT be physical.  I personally have had enough of that.  But verbally, with cause and without name calling (Something a bully can’t avoid-Name calling that is), I will continue on.  A soldier of words, of actions, when warranted, and armed with  love of that group, person, cause that may tear one asunder at times.  But who every day, becomes more worthy of the pain and sacrifice.  And no matter what, brings you joy.


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