Bashed By Bullies In Sydney

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Editorial and Informational

*Note By Blog Owner*

The original intent of this blog was to out internet bullies which I am very familiar with.  I am however, concerned about children all over the world.  This story should break any caring person’s heart.  There are all kinds of bullies in the world.  But those who harm children are the worst. This story is from the  *Sunshine Coast Daily*, written by Jessica Grewal.  August 8, 2012.  8PM Sydney Time

A SCHOOLBOY, who was tied to a tree and brutally bashed by a gang of bullies in Sydney’s west, remained in hospital on Wednesday night.  In what police believe was a planned attack, the 14-year-old was tackled from behind  as he rode his bike home from school at Mt Druitt on Tuesday afternoon.   Using his shirt to bind him to a tree, four teens took turns in taunting, punching and kicking the boy before hacking off his hair with scissors.   When a friend of the victim arrived at the park, the four teens fled.  The boy was taken to the Westmead Children’s Hospital with serious face and neck injuries. He underwent a CT scan and x-rays on Wednesday.  Chief Inspector Wayne McMahon described the attack as “cruel” and called on witnesses to come forward.  The shocking incident comes at a time when school-yard bullies are back in the spotlight.  This month, US documentary Bully, which highlights the devastating impact bullying has had on real life families, will be shown in Australian cinemas.  Director and former bullying victim, Lee Hirsch, has been travelling the country this week, calling on school teachers and principals to take their students to see the film.  Last Tuesday, Federal Education Minister Peter Garrett invited education experts and parents to an anti-bullying forum in Canberra.  He pledged $4million to develop an online campaign to stamp out bullying in the nation’s schools.


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