I Wouldn’t Want To Be You

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Editorial

I just encountered one of my personal bullies. It’s pathetic and tragic at the same time. She hangs out on the social media and forums, even during working hours. This particular bully is married with children. Today, she tweeted something that I reacted to. I shouldn’t have. However, since she is the so-called ring leader of a particular bully band, who tried to make my life miserable for many months, it was a fast reaction. That said, I am trying to understand the jealousies and envies of bullies. Some of them in cyber space will stalk you and tell you what a bad person you are for your convictions. They will then turn right around and emulate you. Your very words, even. It’s as though they believe that you are gone. No longer a threat to whatever it is that they want to accomplish.  And now they can have free reign.  However that may not be the case. You see the bully can only function if they have a target. They cannot see that their own actions are seen by people too. It’s not as if they are invisible. In fact, some are so  conceited as to believe they have pulled a fast one, as my mother used to say. The whole point of this is, that though she may have accomplished her original goal and caused trouble, she cannot change who I am. The person she does not know. The person she will NEVER know.  And she will be, what she is. A bully.  Someone who believes that she and her kind, are the only truth.  The black and white truth.  When truth, in fact is shades of gray.

*Note From Blog Owner*      Updated  August 16, 2012

This stalker/bully is still up to her old tricks.  She is still emulating me.  She even says she lives in my city.  The truth is, she does not.


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