Anonymous Reality – A Bully Story

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Editorial

Several years ago on a certain message board that no longer exists, I encountered a particularly nasty bully/stalker. This person was in the process of recruiting people to her/his blog. I do believe this person to be female, however. Consider how many times these bullies pretend to be male, when they are not. It’s astounding. The blog was in support of a certain celebrity couple. This bully was convinced that only she/he knew the truth. That only her/his handful of followers told the truth at any given moment of the day. However, most of the comments on this bully blog, were made by anonymous people. I was a target of this bully. I had refused very early on, not to follow her/his blog. Mostly, because I didn’t like being recruited by a new username on a board that I had been a member of for years. I realize that a lot of the stuff that you find on the internet, especially on fan forums and blogs are personal opinion and not the whole truth. If there ever is a whole truth. You see, truth is never black and white. That’s why this blog is shades of gray. Because that is really what truth is. It’s an absolute only to the person who has experienced it. My whole point in talking about this, is to say that in any given situation, there is always feelings, emotions, prejudices, realities, likes, dislikes etc, when opinion is involved. A person becomes a bully, when they will not allow anyone else with an opinion, to voice it. I have experienced these kinds of bullies over the last few years. They harp on the rightness of their opinion. They seem to think that their truth is the only truth. They are completely convinced of this. So they bully and coerce and harass other people who do not agree with them. Then they target you. They follow you around to see what you are saying. They post your words on places on the internet. This particular bully posted on her blog. Then they proceed to call you names. The fact is, that they don’t know you. They have never known you. They really know very little about you. And that is what bothers them. So they bully and harass you, every chance that they get. They get some of their followers to do the same. All the while, posting anonymously. Or under other made-up names. I’m not saying one or two, as some people have for different sites that they belong to. I’m saying many, many names that they post under. Some made up on the spot. Not for any real reason, except to bully one or more people that they target. They, themselves, do what they accuse other posters of doing. I have personally seen and know of several people from a board that I participated in, who admitted on that board that they did just that. And they personally stalked and harassed me. In all their usernames. All in a days work for an internet bully.

*An example from an anonymous poster on the stalker/bully’s blog.

“They make up pretend lives in (insert city- I removed the name to protect a place I love*), pretend jobs they don’t have, great lives that are a farce.

No one who writes the things they write on a public message board can have any kind of “normal” life anywhere in the world. They are crazy and could NOT hold a nice life together .

The truth is they spend all day on their computer, sign in as different people, have pretend personalities , and ANSWER THEMSELVES. lol

Does it get any loonier than that?”

*My question exactly.


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