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Posted: October 4, 2012 in Information, News Worthy

We’re participating in a webinar with @SchoolReach on cyberbullying on October 16! Sign up here:

Cyberbullying: The Situation & Solutions


Attend a free NCEA webinar brought to you by The CyberBully Hotline (a service of SchoolReach). Join Sr. Angela Shaughnessy, for Cyberbullying: The Situation and Solutions.If you’ve attended the NCEA Conference you know that Sr. Shaughnessy “really packs ‘em in” and her bullying, cyberbullying research and insights are in great demand from principals, teachers, education superintendents, and board members. Cyberbullying is the scourge of the Internet. As younger and younger students gain access to social media programs and get cell phones at an ever increasing rate and decreasing age, a “Bermuda Triangle of Bullying” is created.Learn:
*Current trends in cyberbullying
*Ways that parents and educators can help fight this growing problem
*How timely reporting can help combat cyberbullying
*How new trends in anonymous reporting solutions are helping increase bullying reporting and decrease bullying incidents
…and much, much moreSister Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph. D., is the Dean of Graduate Studies and Legal Counsel at St. Catherine College, located near Springfield, KY. Sr. Shaughnessy has spent years researching bullying, cyberbullying, and speaks nationally on the topic. St. Catharine College, a Catholic, Dominican college inspired by its founders, welcomes all to the challenging pursuit of truth, preparing them to become critical thinkers, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens.

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