Till Death Do Us Part

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Editorial

Marilyn and Roger are cyber bullies. They bully as a married couple. At least, that’s what their target is told. You see, one of my personal stalkers told me on a certain now defunct fan message board, that her husband Roger, had been recruited by her to speak to me. Except that Roger probably only exists in the cyber bully/stalkers own warped mind. This bully, who recently stopped by to bully on this blog, has many personalities and names. She/he is a celebrity stalker too. This person, allows no discussion. Only her opinions matter. Only they are correct. If you disagree, you are belittled and ridiculed. This particular person, says that she lives near her favorite big city. She is married to Roger. And they have a wonderful life. She also has her own personal or administrative assistants. Or so she tells you. She also loves to hang out on one of the biggest celebrity/gossip sites on the net. I am talking about this particular bully today, because she asked on the gossip site, how this blog was doing? And I quote ” How’s that bully blog of yours? What a joke. BAHAHA”  Of course she asked as another of her personalities named Jill. (Jill @ 10/12/2012 ).  I wonder if Jill is married to Jack? I informed her that this blog is doing fine. As is my other blog.  She can no longer harass me, as she used to. She is now powerless to do so. Her target has been removed. I am sure that she bullies others, elsewhere. Her fictional husband Roger, still comments on the gossip site.


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