Illusion Vs Delusion – Black And White And Shades Of Gray

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Editorial

Bullies / Stalkers only believe their own version of the truth. They label their target as “delusional” if they disagree. The bully does not understand the difference between “delusion” and “illusion”. I have encountered such bullies and stalkers.

Definitions of Illusion Vs Delusion:

Illusion – Something with deceptive appearance: something that deceives the senses or mind, e.g. by appearing to exist when it does not or appearing to be one thing when it is in fact another.

Delusion – False belief: a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence.

Bullies cannot see that their truth is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It comes down to “appearance” versus  “evidence”.  The person who disagrees may have “evidence” to the contrary. Information the bully does not have.  In the words of a beautiful, popular country song *  “A picture’s worth a thousand words. But you can’t see what those shades of gray keep covered. You should’ve seen it in color.”

Bullies only see in black and white. They can’t see beneath those shades of gray. And they have never seen it in color.

* In Color By Jamey Johnson from the album  “That Lonesome Song” Mercury Nashville. Written by Jamey Johnson, James Otto and Lee Thomas Miller.


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