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The NO Zone

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No Bullying Or Harassment Allowed Sign



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The NO BULL Teen Video Awards 2012 Nominees

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Alton Students Take On Bullying.

“From Cousley’s perspective, bullying typically involves “drama” relating to issues of control.”

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Be A Bully – Break The Bank

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Latino Bullying: Cecilia And Jonathan Cutler Name Four Families And Police Captain In Lawsuit

The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted: 08/16/2012 11:22 AM

Latino Bullying Cutler

The Cutlers say the bullying of their Hispanic daughter was “motivated by race and other factors.”

A Latino family in Las Vegas filed a lawsuit this week against four families, allegingextensive bullying of their adolescent daughter and vandalism of their home. Among the defendants is Christopher Darcy, a local police captain.

Cecilia and Jonathan Cutler named the “mean girls” who bullied their Hispanic daughter in school along with their parents, who, the Cutlers said, “make excuses and shirk responsibility for their children’s actions.”

“This is a classic case of bullying motivated by race and other factors, with parents who are unwilling to take responsibility for their children,” the Cutlers stated in the complaint, according to Courthouse News.

According to the complaint, the juvenile defendants “repeatedly made racially derogatory comments” to the Cutlers’ daughter during classes at Sig Rogich Middle School and also took to social media sites to call her names such as “Oompa Loompa” and “Dora the Explorer.”

The bullying escalated on June 8 when the Cutler’s home was vandalized with racist drawings. Saran wrap, aluminum foil and toilet paper littered the property while food products such as eggs, olive oil, frosting and chocolate syrup were thrown at the house.

Following the incident, the Cutlers said Darcy, the police captain, “engaged in a campaign of intimidation” by suggesting they not file an insurance claim. Cynthia Darcy and her daughter reportedly helped clean up the debris, however, the youngest Darcy continued making derogatory statements during the endeavor.

This is not the first incident of Latino bullying. Following Alabama’s immigration crackdown, many Hispanic students have been targeted by their peers because of their race or immigration status.

Earlier this year, non-profit Nevada PEP launched a local training program for Hispanic parents to teach them what to do if their kid is being bullied.

While bullying can cause heavy psychological damage, a recent study also found that schoolyard taunting can also have a significant educational impact on the bullied student’s GPA, especially for high-achieving Latinos.

The Cutlers are seeking upwards of $40,000 in damages and attorneys fees…

Been There Done That Part 2

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“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am.”
Michelle Obama  (First Lady Of The United States)

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”
Oscar Wilde  (Irish Writer And Poet)

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
Winston Churchill  (Prime Minister Of England)

Demi Lovato  (Singer And Actress)

The Bully Report

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One of my internet bully stalkers, follows me by e-mail here. She then reports back to the other members of the band of bullies. This is the same behavior that has been practiced for some time in other places. The stalking. The bullying. The reporting back. At one time, I thought this woman was a decent person. She was on a certain site and although she had not been around as long as I had, she seemed to be nice to me. Then she went to the dark side. This woman is married. Has a family. But she hangs out after a certain well known person. She has a corner of her living room, dedicated to this person. She has 3 computors to keep track of this person. I have seen the picture of this corner. I suspect, that I too, am stalked in this corner. She has said that her husband doesn’t mind. I believe though, that he doesn’t know the details. The reason I am talking about this today is that my only option, would be to go private with this blog. Something I may still do. Although I don’t believe that is the best way to get an issue in front of the public on stalking and bullying.  I myself am trying to deal with the lies that these people tell. They still do not know me. I certainly do not want to know them. Not in a real sense. They talk friendship and then they stalk someone as a band of bully friends.  I was in fact, told by one of their collaborators that I should keep my enemies closer. I can’t do that. I don’t need acquaintances that badly. I certainly don’t need friends that badly.

*Note By Blog Owner*  Updated: August 14, 2012

This woman has now stopped following me here via e-mail. But she is following me in another place.

*Note By Blog Owner*   Updated:  August 17, 2012

The woman is no longer following by e-mail.  I guarantee that there are many bookmarks and links saved.

I Wouldn’t Want To Be You

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I just encountered one of my personal bullies. It’s pathetic and tragic at the same time. She hangs out on the social media and forums, even during working hours. This particular bully is married with children. Today, she tweeted something that I reacted to. I shouldn’t have. However, since she is the so-called ring leader of a particular bully band, who tried to make my life miserable for many months, it was a fast reaction. That said, I am trying to understand the jealousies and envies of bullies. Some of them in cyber space will stalk you and tell you what a bad person you are for your convictions. They will then turn right around and emulate you. Your very words, even. It’s as though they believe that you are gone. No longer a threat to whatever it is that they want to accomplish.  And now they can have free reign.  However that may not be the case. You see the bully can only function if they have a target. They cannot see that their own actions are seen by people too. It’s not as if they are invisible. In fact, some are so  conceited as to believe they have pulled a fast one, as my mother used to say. The whole point of this is, that though she may have accomplished her original goal and caused trouble, she cannot change who I am. The person she does not know. The person she will NEVER know.  And she will be, what she is. A bully.  Someone who believes that she and her kind, are the only truth.  The black and white truth.  When truth, in fact is shades of gray.

*Note From Blog Owner*      Updated  August 16, 2012

This stalker/bully is still up to her old tricks.  She is still emulating me.  She even says she lives in my city.  The truth is, she does not.